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Paolo Avatàneo - theatre music

Short biography: 

Paolo Avataneo




Graduated at the Philip Radice's Physical Theater Atelier, from 2009 he proposes shows including mime, cabaret, buffoon, clown and eccentric theatre. He plays bass guitar in various rock bands too (5 albums total), and he plays also at the italian national tv in little parts like actor.

My main target is to focus to experiment with new methods of acting trying to make them comical and to develope more accessible to everyone with more possible different drama languages , focusing on to realize it in a international way.

Paolo Avataneo presents you a geezing and slurpous, besides colourful vinaigrette phantasmagoria based on mimicry unvoiced sometimes long-winded sometimes topped with mouth-watering cocktail of music comics, as well as idyllic really dancing, however, embellished with a psychedelic body percussion.

Solace teens, and seduces ancient retireds, promotes diuresis and stimulates the appetite. Attention, prolonged use could create a sweet sense of universal harmony.



International cooperations: 

Festivals in : Armenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Hungary, Finland, Moldova, Polska, Austria, Serbia, Turkey, France, Scotland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Romania, Tunisy, Morocco, South Korea.


Festivals in : Armenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Macedonia, Hungary, Finland, Moldova, Polska, Austria, Serbia, Turkey, France, Scotland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Romania, Tunisy, Morocco, South Korea.

Training: diplomed at the Atelier of physical theatre Philip Radice in Turin.

From 2013 I propose visual comedy workshops in Italy and abroad.



Theatre: 2008 "The real story of the Radice's family"(parodrama) italy. 2009 "The buffoons" (buffoon eccentric comic comedy) Italy. Since 2009 I propose my show(mime eccentric-gibberish-cabaret-body percussion). 2009 "Altered states"(mime busker)Edimburgh Fringe Festival(UK). 2010 "Le Bouffon attrappepapillon"(mime eccentric)Festival de theatre de rue d'Aurillac(France). 2011 "Od dvorska  luda hvata leptira" Festival Monodrama i Pantomimes Belgrade(Serbia) , "Perhosten pyydystäjä" Tampere Theatre Festival and "Yes titerniq  brnogh tsaghradzoon em " High Fest Festival Yerevan(Armenia). 2012 6th Monodrama Festival  Budapest (Hungary)"Sikkes és megdöbbento", 14th Monodrama Festival Bitola(Macedonia) "Scic i Sciocanta" , 8th BgMot Festival Gabrovo(Bulgaria) "Iziskan i Ujasen” , Keochang Festival(South Korea) "Chic and Choc”, Buskerbus Festival(Poland) "Busker Zaplanie Motyle” , MoldFest.Rampa.Ru(Moldavia)" Sic deci Socant!”. 2013 6th Theatre Festival “Zvezden Prah”  Knezha(Bulgaria) “Slurp! Tuk ca delikatesi!” Show and teacher in the workshop about visual comedy and eccentric theatre, 18th International Theatre Festival Ankara(Turkey) “Slurp! Burada lezzetleri vardır!” and teacher in the workshop about visual comedy and eccentric theatre. 2014  7th Festival “Abtenau ist Bühne” Salzburg(Austria) “Werfen dass Grimassen!”, Theatre Festival “Zvezden Prah”  Knezha(Bulgaria) “Wow that geezers!” Show and teacher in visual comedy workshop. 2015: Golden Linx of Serbia (Bosnia Herzegovina)“Wow to ludilo!”, Ogulin’s Fairy Tales Festival (Croatia) “Wow koji čudaci” and visual comedy workshop, Ludic Festival(Romania) “!” and visual comedy workshop. 2016: Ogulin’s Fairy Tales Festival (Croatia) “U Munjeni i zbunjeni nesretnih pustolovina Squaqquaraquà” and visual comedy workshop. 2017: Ticino motor show(Switzerland) “Questa è spam?!”, Ogulin’s Fairy Tales Festival (Croatia) “Eparaponziponzipò” and visual comedy workshop . 2018: Festival monodrama de Carthage(Tunisia) “ ! “ and workshop, Festival d’Oujda(Morocco) “ ! “ and workshop, Ogulin’s Fairy Tales Festival (Croatia) “Recycling Elf” e workshop.





Cabaret: finalist in the following festivals: 2007(tedacomico), 2009 (mangia e ridi), 2010 (festival nazionale del comico), 2011 weekly show at cab41 Torino with Beppe Braida and others, 2013 Area Zelig Lab, 2016 tv cabaret  Eccezionale Veramente(La7).




Television: actor in the following programs: 2007(centovetrine), 2008(le stagioni del cuore), 2010 casting(coming soon tv), 2010 amore criminale(rai3), 2011 interview and performance at the national tv Serbia, 2012 performance in Italia's got Talent, 2015 actor in Non uccidere(rai2), 2016 cabaret in Eccezionale veramente(La7), 2017: performance in “Quelle brave ragazze” (rai1), 2018: mime teacher on norvegian tv program “The Chef and the Comedian”.



Children: from 2010 I propose my children show "Wow! That geezers!" (international version) “Accipicchia! Che bislaccherie!”(italy version)

2012:  Festival I Teatri nel Mondo, Porto Sant'Elpidio (fm). 2013: Fiabe nelle Cave, Conco(vi). 2014: Rassegna Bimbi a Teatro, Torino. 2015: Rassegna “In Carrozza”, Zola Predosa(BO). 2015-2016-2017-2018 Ogulin festival Bajke(Croatia). 2018: Rassegna “Almo bimbi” , Castelfranco Emilia(bo).



Cinema and Web: 2012: actor in "La vita in gioco". 2016: actor in the web series “2 di Picche”. 2017 actor(starred in Piedmont dialect) “Il Mangiatore di Pietre”. 2018: actor in “Gli Uomini d’Oro”  di  Vincenzo Alfieri.



Music: bass guitar player


Double deck five (hendrix psichedelic )

1986: 45 have god!

1988: lp Umbilicus

Merisupermarket (noise-core)

1996: cd Merisupermarket

Borderline (noisegrunge)

1999: cd Borderline

No strange (cosmic psichedelic )

1988: 1 side lp  oracolo

1990: lp Flora di romi

2011: cd and lp Cristalli sognanti

2012: Welcome back to 80's colours ( vv.aa. compilation including DD5 and no strange)

2014: cd and lp Armonia vivente

2015: Theo Teardo’s orchestra soundtrack concert L’etoile de mer(Man Ray)

2016: Regional final Air guitar contest





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