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Andrea PASS - playwright, theatre director

Short biography: 

Andrea PASS is a playwright and director. She graduated as a theatre historian from the University of Veszprém, Hungary and spent time in Nancy and London on scholarships during her studies. She worked as an assistant to Béla Pintér and Viktor Bodó while she studied scriptwriting and earned a degree in theatre pedagogy. She was awarded the prestigious István Örkény Playwrights Grant for young playwrights on two occasions.
She started to write and direct five years ago and has created seven productions, all of which are currently running in theatres across Budapest. Three of her works have been published in print, one of them recently in the Polish Dialog theatrical magazine.
Her work deals with social issues while also exploring the human condition, strongly believing in the transformative power of theatre. She often works with young people and creates performances for students.
She regularly holds dramaturgy workshops for teachers commissioned by the Hungarian Drama and Theatre in Education Association and has been giving a variety of other theatre workshops for future theatre professionals and children as well.

The most important projects: 

SUNFLOWER (writer, director) a FÜGE I Independently Together production (2016)
The plot of the theatre play is set in a small town and involves ordinary characters like the young, idealist teacher, the friendly caretaker, three young teens, the handsome doctor or the troubled woman in the psychiatric ward. They bear witness to the story of a family of three. The father and the 10-year-old Janka are trying to coop with the increasingly erratic behaviour of the mother in front of tableaux vivants of busy everyday life while gradually a panorama of a vulnerable society unfolds burdened with financial problems, broken families and taboos and shame surrounding mental illness.
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GET IN GAME (writer, director) a FÜGE I Independently Together production (2017)
The solicitous fathers and provident mothers choose their kids’ kindergarten with the utmost care. The kindergarten teacher is a great pedagogue and an affectionate person valued by parents and loved by children. The kindergarten is a safe haven, the parents of the other kids are respected, trustworthy people so adults can be sure that the young ones are well taken care of. But even at such a dream place, strange things can happen. Some kids in the last year before going to primary school start to play a curious game. Dirty secrets and severe problems of the adult world are transposed into the children’s as the story unfolds propelled by the quest to find out about the mystery game. Each parent and their child are played by one actor changing roles as the fast-paced scenes require.
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