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Tania Arcimovich - scholar, curator, art critic

Sylwia Śmigiel
Short biography: 

Tania Arcimovich is a scholar, curator, art critic. She was born in 1984. She graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts (Minsk, 2013), studied at the laboratory of Experimental Stage by Anatoly Praudin (St. Petersburg, 2007/2008). In 2014-2015 she got fellowship of the AIR program CCA at the Ujazdowski Castle (Poland) and Akademie Solitude (Germany).

She is a founder of ziErnie performative art platform http://ziernie-performa.net.

Since 2016 she has been teaching a course of modern theatre at the European Liberal Arts College in Minsk.


Research interests: Culture Studies and Anthropology, Performative Studies, Art and Politics. 


Selected projects:

  • Belarus 4’33 a sun city of dream dot zero multimedia performance. TEART international theatre festival, Minsk, 2.10.2016. Author and director.
  • Ludmila Rusava  exhibit project. Y Contemporary art gallery, Minsk 22.10.-8.11.2015, curator.
  • Minsk. Non-conformism of the 1980s exhibit project. Y Contemporary art gallery, Minsk 22.10.-8.11.2015, co-curator
  • OFFSIDE exhibit project. Y Contemporary art gallery, Minsk 1.05.-31.05.2014, curator.


Selected publications:

  • Artimovich T. Belarus in the Context of Post-Soviet Dramaturgy space: A Phenomenon of Paval Prażko / T. Artimovich  // Post-Soviet Dramaturgy. Main accent after No censorship. Ed. Lasha Chkhartishvili and others. — Tbilisi: Ilia State University, Modern Georgian Theatre Research Center, 2012. 
  • Артимович Т.  От изоляции к публичности: «New art of Belarus» (Польша, 2000) и «Open The Doors: Belarusian Art Today» (Литва, 2010). // Радиус нуля. Онтология арт-нулевых. Минск 2000-2010 / Под ред. О.Жгировской, О.Шпараги, Р.Вашкевича. Минск: Логвинов, 2013.
  • Artimovich T. Independent theatre in Belarus. 1980–2013 (Независимый театр в Беларуси. 1980-2013). // Dictionary of Performance Art in Eastern Europe. Eastern European Platform Project Performance Art 2013. 
  • Arcimovicz T. Warszawa: w poszukiwaniu Miasta Słońca (Варшава: в поисках Города Солнца). // Warszawa Podręcznik Zamieszkiwania: Red. Edwin Gardnera, Christiaan Fruneaux, Anna Ptak i Rani Al Rajji. CSW Zamek Ujazdowsk. Warszawa 2015.


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