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Momo Sanno - dancer | choreographer

Short biography: 

I am a professional dancer and choreographer from Romania. In my works I cross over performing genres integrating multiple dance styles and techniques. My style of dance is contemporary infused with elements from international folk dancing.  I like the challenge of harmoniously combining diverse type of movement and philosophy into choreography

  • 15 years of international contemporary dance performances & productions
  • 10 years of working at dance companies & commercial shows
  • 8 years of independent productions / choreographies
  • 5 years of workshops teaching (for professionals and amateur dancers)
  • Classical ballet degree
  • 2.000+ dance performances
  • Over 2.000.000 people in the audience

I am a classically trained dancer, I hold degrees from from “Dimitrie Cuclin” School of the Arts; “Floria Capsali” School of Choreography in Bucharest and John Cranko Dance Academy in Stuttgart, Germany. However whilst studying I discovered and fell in love with contemporary dance and for the past 15 years it has been never ending journey of determination, learning, self-development and joy.

I started my professional career dancing in the worldwide acclaimed Tony Awarded Musical Disney’s The Lion King in Hamburg and in Scheveningen, The Netherlands. Later I joined Garth Fagan Dance Company in the United States and also worked with Miami Contemporary Dance Company and Future Pointe Dance Company.  Whilst in the USA I desired to enrich and sharpen my own style of movement by exploring and researching different approaches to dance. This road lead me to multiple international collaboration in the USA, Brazil, Jamaica, Haiti and Europe working with dance companies and independent artists. In 2009 I transformed my gathered experience with the world in my first chorography called “Travelling Body” and then another one “…Minutes, Seconds” in 2010 for NDTC Jamaica.

In 2012 I returned home with intention to pay back with my talent and art to the country that raised me, to bring the world-class contemporary dance experience to Romanian stages and develop “hunger” for quality art. In the past years I have created number of choreographies, including TWO.ONE.1 and Forgotten Rhythms; worked as a movement director, was featured in a multiple dance videos and stage productions; participated in festivals; developed series of workshops and worked with young dancers. Moreover I have been and am collaborating with multiple European artists and organizations for joint productions, performances and touring.

The most important projects: 


  • TWO. ONE.1  2015  (own production) 
  • Balcanicele 2014  (for Teatrul Municipal Tony Bulandra) 
  • Forgotten Rhythms 2014  (own production) 
  •  Elements 2013  (for Style&Nature company)
  • ...Minutes, Seconds 2010  (for National Dance Theater Jamaica) 
  • Travelling Body 2009  (Netherlands) 

Featured dance performances

  • Disney's  "The Lion King" (Germany, Netherlands) 
  • Femme Creole 2014 (France) 
  • Classic meets contemporary 2013 (Romania) 
  • Best Musical Gala 2012, 2010 (Germany) 
  • Exiled in forgotten land 2010 (Romania, Winner of Young Theater Award) 
  • Idalina (Miami 2007 Best Performance) 
  • Vira Luna  (USA)

Dance Videos:

Achievements, key awards: 


Elements of life (dance video) 2013 - over 200K views on youtube

Exiled in forgotten land 2010 (Winner of Young Theater Award, Avignon Theatre Festival) 

Idalina (Miami 2007 Best Performance) 

International cooperations: 

Dance companies:

  • Garth Fagan Dance – USA
  • Stage Entertainment -  Germany
  • Giovani Liquini Dance Group  - Brazil
  • Miami Contemporary Dance Company - USA
  • FuturPointe Dance Company – USA
  • DeKiss Moves Amsterdam – Netherlands
  • Bale Folclorico de Bahia - Brazil
  • Ayikodance – Haiti

Dance films:

  • Elemental- with Baden Württemberg Film Academy, Germany
  • Momo Sanno - Free Soul with Franz Galo, France-USA
  • Icarus Solaris - Man's search for freer self - with Corneliu Ganea, Romania-Netherlands

Dance collaborations:

  • Femme Creole - France
  • Includance - Germany


  • Avignon Theater Festival
  • Perugia Jazz Festival
  • Festivalillo
  • 7 Festival de Cine Corto de Popayán



On a general level my plans include:

  • Touring my current productions TWO.ONE.1 and Forgotten Rhythms in Europe and Asia
  • Collaborate internationally and nationally with organisations and independent artists to create new dance productions (right now i have ideas for 3 solo works; collaboration with a contemporary pianist and creating a choreography for 12 dancer that focus on cultural diversity)
  • Create and participate in activities, productions and events that ensure and promote quality art experience for everyone
  • Join forces with science and technology - to create new art experiences and reach new audiences with help of VR or projection mappings; and explore the power of dance to enrich interpretation of various scientific concepts 
  • Keep encouraging youth: both helping young dancers to discover the true range of their movement language and working with amateur to let them feel the power and beauty of dance
  • Collaborate with organisations, conferences and civil society that want to use or explore artistic means to reach their goals



In media


Momo Sanno - Free Soul (short dance film )

Elements of Life: Air, Earth, Water, Metal, Fire - Contemporary Dance Choreography | Momo Sanno

On the edge of light and darkness - slow-motion - Contemporary dance solo | Momo Sanno

Essential Dance Film - Collective Identity



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