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Andelka Janković - Program coordinator

Sylwia Śmigiel
Short biography: 

Final year student at the Faculty of Drama Arts, Department for Management and Culture in Theatre, Radio and Culture Production manager/ Programme coordinator in Bitef Theatre since October 2010.

Currently working at the Bitef Theatre in Belgrade, Serbia.

She graduated primary school and gymnasium in Belgrade as an excellent pupil, and completed primary training from the ballet school “Lujo Davico” in Belgrade. She started dancing Latin- American and Standard Dances around this time. After 10 years she was enabled to compete as an amateur and professional dancer at all levels of competitions and to win medals. In the same time she was practicing ballet in Children Cultural Center and while traveling and dancing at festivals and in theatres all over the world, she discovered culture and art.

Combining her passion of studying and her organizational skills, she found her future profession – Manager and Producer in culture. She enrolled in the Faculty of Drama Arts, Department for Management and Culture in Theatre - radio and culture as a first on the list. She graduated studies at the same level gaining an ARCHONT award for being the best student, innovational ideas and successful management with a grade of 9.98/10.

She has been working and gaining experience from her first year as a volunteer at the festival FIST 01,02 (Festival of International Student Theatre), Free Zone (Cultural center REX), Bitef Festival. Her first play as a producer was on her first year where she produced “The family Stories” Biljana Srbljanovic.


  • Jazz Ballet Institution of Culture “Parobrod” – her own troupe
  • Elementary Ballet School “Lujo Davico” 98 – 2003
  • Contemporary and Jazz Ballet “Children’s Cultural Center” 2005
  • Professional Standard and Latin Dancer 1994-2006
  • English language: CAMBRIDGE ESOL; currently preparing CAE – Certificate in Advanced English; finished FCE 2009
  • French language: (Level: Medium III / Institut for Foreign Languages Jovanova)
  • Computer skills: MS Office, Internet Explorer, Photo shop
The most important projects: 

Most important projects:

  • Interviewer at SeConS – Development Initiative Group: Project / Mapping Domestic Violence under Women in Central Serbia. This was Janković’s chance to work on her social skills and research skills. It enabled her to know her local audience better in the wider social and cultural contexts.
  • Director assistant at Festival of International Student Theatre. This has been her major project in her current carrier. Anđelka Janković was a voluntary host at FIST 1 even before she was enrolled in the Faculty. After that experience she was sure that the job of producer in culture was right for her. She has taken part in all levels of the organization of this festival and climbed the ranks to become director of FIST 05 on her third year. She has to confess that this progress was one of the reasons why her professor recommended her for the appointment of producer of the Bitef Theatre. Anđelka Janković has aquired most of the skills necessary for theatre and festival management. In Serbia everyone who works in Culture recognizes FIST so it served to be a great starting point at the end of her studies.
  • Project Adventure COOLture, Production Assistant at NVO Kulturni Kod. This project gave her a wish to work for kids and with kids, so she acted as a producer and fundraiser of a multimedia guide through cultural and sports institutions in Belgrade for children. She learned fundraising through this project, and made her first big mistakes and her first professional steps. It was hard but successful and left her with the notion that almost anything is possible if you really believe in it.
  • Coordinator of PR Team at SMart Kolektiv.  For Anđelka Janković this was great experience because she performed PR for a project that includes really big international corporations. It was something new to her because when she was promoting cultural projects she focused mainly on cultural information. Here her job was to inform the audience that corporate responsibility is more than just providing money: To give time, skills, and love to those who really need it. It was a small PR team and Anđelka Janković headed it. She made important contacts got excellent recommendations


International cooperations: 

International cooperation:

  • International Youth Festival of Culture, Bari, Italy 2005, Ballet dancer in multimedia project (Children Cultural Center)
  • The Dance Festival Body shop 2004, Ballet dancer in a troupe at the Children's Cultural Center
  • Regional conference for young managers and producers in theatre and culture 2011
  • „The Current Theatre Culture for Children and Young People - Projects for a Better Perspective of Youth in the Region"
  • International Conference International “Young Makers Exchange (IYME)”, Amsterdam 2010. Delegate of the collaborative FIST festival from Serbia; project under the auspices of the European Union
  • International conference “Designer: author or universal soldier” 2010, Participant; NGO BLOCKS, Mixer and Magazine Kvart
  • Conference “Theatrical Arts in Cultural Politics for Youth”, 2009, Moderator: Prof.Dr. Milena Dragićević Šešić: Plenary presentation: Prof.Dr. Wolfgang Schneider
  • International Student Festival in Trondheim, Norway / ISFIT 2009, Delegate from Serbia, recommendation of BITEF theatre and prof. Milena Dragićević Šešić; supported by the Ministry of Culture; Workshop: “Children- the silence voice in society”
  • Regional Conference “Student theatre and Networks”, Student Festival of Theatre and Multimedia TEST, Croatia 2009

Anđelka Janković is preparing her final paper (master) “Child and Childhood as an example in Museology in Europe/Recommendations for Local Cultural Policies”, and preparing for the CAE exam. She then plans to enroll in Ph.D studies (Maybe in Serbia, Sweden or NY).

She is planning to own a kindergarten where she will wake up the cultural and social needs of both parents and children.



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