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Nora Sediánszky - dramaturgist

Short biography: 

I'm Nora Sediánszky, a Hungarian theatre specialist, working as dramaturgist (mainly), sometimes translator, director, writer for play. 

I was born in Zebegény, Hungary, in 1970. Graduated in Italian and Hungarian Literature in University of Eötvös Loránd in Budapest, then I had a diploma in Hungarian Academy of Film and Drama (theatre studies). After this I had a lot of work as dramaturgist in Budapest and in the country, and I worked abroad too: in Transylvania several times (in Hungarian and Roumanian theatres), an in Trieste for a big international production of The Czardas Princess (Imre Kálmán) for Teatro Verdi. I wrote several plays and two cultural guides and memoirs about Venice and Paris.


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