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Vladislava Fekete - General manager

Sylwia Śmigiel
Short biography: 

Mgr.art. Vladislava Fekete, ArtD. (1973). She studied Theatre Dramaturgy at the Department of Directing and Dramaturgy of the Theatre Faculty at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava where she also received her ArtD. in 2009. Besides her artistic work she focuses on translation, theatre theory and critique, organizing theatrical events, and publishing.

From 6 July 2006 she works as General Manager of the Theatre Institute.


Scientific activity:

  • 2006 – 2008, independent actor work on a project based on the dramatic texts by A.P.Chekhov – a cycle of lectures Chekhovian Glance at the Surrounding World (Čechovov/čechovovský pohľad na svet), Theatre Faculty, Department of Directing and Dramaturgy, Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava
  • 2006 – 2010, Methodology of Scientific Work, Theatre Faculty, Theatre Studies Department, Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava. Regular lecture cycles: Historical Styles, Theatrical Genres

Anthologies (published works at local and international scientific conferences):

  • FEKETE, V. About Slovak Contemporary Theatre Scene, In. European Festivals Research Project, Gent, 2009
  • FEKETE, V. Totalna rasprodaja ili Pokvareno vreme (o savremenoj pozorišnoj slovačkoj sceni). In Scena, Novi Sad : Sterijino pozorje, 2009
  • FEKETE, V. 21st Century in Slovak Theatre with Emphasis on Drama” (in Russian) (21. storočie v slovenskom divadle s dôrazom na drámu (v rus. j.)). In Sbornik, Peterburg : Baltijskije sezony, 2007
  • FEKETE, V. Profesionalno pozorište nacionalnih manjina u Vojvodini : Između kulturne potrebe i politike. In 12th International Symposium of  Theatre Critics and Scholars/12e Symposium International des Critiques de Théâtre et des Théâtrologues: National Theatres and Nationalist Theatre / Théâtres nationaux et théâtre nationaliste. Editor Katarina Ćirić-Petrović, Novi Sad : Sterijino pozorje, 2006
  • FEKETE, V. Opening (Inside Out) (Otváranie sa (smerom dovnútra a von)). In Seminár – Problém divadlo, Bratislava : Divadlo v Medzičase, appendix, 2006
  • FEKETE, V. Today’s State and Trends in Slovak Theatre (Súčasný stav a trendy v slovenskom divadle). In Studia Academica Slovaca 34. Prednášky XLI. letnej školy slovenského jazyka a kultúry. Editors: J. Mlacek and M. Vojtech. Bratislava : Stimul, 2005
  • FEKETE, V. Koljada – Today’s Chekhov? (Koľada – dnešný Čechov?) In Podoby soudobého europského dramatu, Brno : Masarykova univerzita, Filozofická fakulta, Ústav divadelní a filmové vědy, 2001

Books (translations and originals):

  • FEKETE, V (editor and author of the study). Slowakische Gegenwartsstücke. Bratislava : Divadelný ústav, 2007
  • FEKETE, V. (editor, translator). Srbská dráma. Bratislava : Divadelný ústav, 2007
  • FEKETE, V. (editor and author of the study). Nová slovenská vojvodinská dráma. Báčsky Petrovec : Vydavateľstvo Kultúra, 2004
  • FEKETE, V (editor) Chceme nového autora : Zborník o súčasnej slovenskej a európskej dráme. Bratislava : NOC, 2004
  • FEKETE, V. Biljana Srbljanović : Rodinné príbehy. Bratislava : Drewo a srd, 2002.

Journals (translations of theatre plays):

  • FEKETE, V., ROMČEVIĆ, N. VINA. In Divadlo v medzičase, 2006, roč. 11, č. 1-2, s. 54-62
  • FEKETE, V., KOĽADA, N. Murlin Murlo. In Javisko, 2001, č. 7-8 a 9, p. 27-36 (first part) 17-21 (second part).

Artistic Work (theatrical productions):

  • 2010 CONFORTĖS, C. Marathon (Maratón). Vojvodina Slovak Theatre, director
  • 2008 ZÜSKIND, P. Contrabass (Kontrabas), Vojvodina Slovak Theatre, director
  • 2006 ROMČEVIĆ, N. Guilt (Vina), Vojvodina Slovak Theatre and Slovak Chamber Theatre, translation and dramaturgy
  • 2005 SCHIMMELPFENIG, R. Arabian Night (Arabská noc), Vojvodina Slovak Theatre, dramaturgy
  • 2004 BAUERSIMA, I. norway.today, DAB Nitra, director
  • 2004 JANOUŠEK, M. A Spiritful Story or Don’t Touch the Trolls… (Duchovplná rozprávka alebo Nedotýkajte sa trollov...), Vojvodina Slovak Theatre, dramaturgy and production
  • 2003 DORST, T. Fernando Krapp Wrote Me this Letter (Fernando Krapp mi napísal list), VHV Theatre, Serbia, director
  • 2002 SRBLJANOVIĆ, B. Family Stories (Rodinné príbehy), Studio 12, Bratislava, director
  • 2001 WALSH, E. Disco Pigs, Štúdio L+S, Bratislava, dramaturgy and production
  • 2001 BERNHARD, T. Minetti, VHV Theatre, Serbia, director
  • 2000 TURRINI, P. Rat Hunt (Lov na krysy), LUDUS, dramaturgy
  • 2000 FRAYN, M. Backstage (V zákulisí), DJGT Zvolen, dramaturgy

Other Scientific and Artistic Activities:

Theatrical plays:

  • 2009 Short Connections (Krátke spojenia), awarded the Alfréd Radok Prize for best dramatic text, Countess Kolowrat-Krakowski Fund Award, Production Prize (opened at the South-Bohemian Theatre in České Budějovice) and the Prize of Czech Radio 3 - Vltava. The play was published in the Svět a divadlo Journal (Czech Republic), Dialog (Poland), and staged readings took place in Poland and Austria. Translated into French and Slovenian language.
  • 2011 A Little Christmas Panic (Malá vianočná panika) (radio play)
  • 2006 I Always Keep my Suitcase under the Bed (Svoj kufor mám vždy pod posteľou) (radio play)

TV Scripts:

  • 2006 The Biggest Criminal Cases in Slovakia (Najväčšie kriminálne prípady Slovenska), STV and D.N.A. Production
  • 2005 Dramatik VHV, a co-production project of STV and Slovak Department of TN NS Serbia


  • 2005 Empathy, workshop of acting at the Vojvodina Slovak Theatre
  • 2005 Studio of Art of Acting at the Vojvodina Slovak Theatre
  • 2004 Drama Technique, Slovak-Serbian workshop, Vojvodina
  • 2003 Drifts, a multimedia project, At Home Gallery, Synagogue, Šamorín
  • 2001 Yellow Reality Surfaces, an inter-media project, Dunderski Chateau, Vojvodina
  • 2001 KulKontakt, theatre workshop on Language in Theatre, Vojvodina
The most important projects: 

Most important projects:

  • Theatre Research Centre -  created in 2006, arose from the need for a systematic analysis of the Slovak theatre (history and theory, methodology and terminology, tendencies and actual conditions, support for young scientists). In 2010, The Theatre Institute received an important accreditation – the Certificate of Qualification for Research and Development as proof of their long-lasting high-quality research activity in the field of theatre and the preservation of cultural heritage. The Theatre Research Centre is a part of the FIRT / IFTR international organization - the International Federation of Theatre Research. One of the most important roles of the Theatre Research Centre is the focus on scientific activity of the particular departments of the Theatre Institute (mostly the Theatre Documentation, Information and Digitalization Department, Publishing Department and Project Department). It monitors historical research and creates modern methods of its analytical processing. The aim of the project is to perform research and the preservation of cultural heritage, as well as raising awareness among the professional and broader public.
  • The Monthly KØD – konkrétne o divadle (concretely about theatre) is the only monthly in Slovakia about Slovak and foreign theatre. It was launched in march 2007 by the Theatre Institute along with the information network IS theatre.sk - which monitors theatres in Slovakia and their productions. The monthly filled the empty space for theatre critics and the need for a platform for reflection and opinions of theatre artists. In its columns it presents the newest performances through reviews, critics, essays or interviews with artists. The authors of the articles are renowned Slovak theatre theoreticians and practitioners as well as contributors from the Czech Republic and other European countries. In kød the readers can find profiles of artists, local and international festivals' reviews, information about international theatre scene, comments and remarks on cultural policy, studies from history and theory of theatre and drama, and fragments or whole theatre texts and dramatizations. It is also a place for the promotion of activities and projects of the Theatre Institute and all professional theatres in Slovakia. kød is interesting not only because of its content, but also because of its trendy graphics and various and rich photographic material. There are 10 issues published annually in a monthly circulation of 400 pieces. kød is available in theatres, bookshops and literary cafés throughout Slovakia.
  • Slovak Drama in Translation -  a special website belonging to the Theatre Institute that collects all translations of contemporary Slovak authors in one place. It introduces several generations of Slovak playwrights. The choice of plays is great and yet not complete. You can find all plays on the website www.theatre.sk/slovakdrama, constantly updated with new information.
Achievements, key awards: 


Theatre plays: “Krátke spojenia” (Brief Connections), 2009, won first prize in the Alfréd Radok Prize competition for best dramatic text; first prize of Czech radio Vltava; special prize of the Foundation Fund of Kolowrat-Krakowsky; publishers prize /magazine “World and Theatre”/ and staging prize /the play was staged in the South Bohemian Theatre in České Budějovice/, 2009, the play is translated into German, English, Slovenian and Polish.

International cooperations: 

International cooperation:




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